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social night for blogI am Paakhi Bhatnagar and I absolutely love writing. I am a teenager and I mostly sit at home and write in my journal that I have been keeping for quite some time now. Writing, like most other form of arts, is an expressive outlet. In this blog, I write about breaking sexist institutions, expanding our idea of equality and acceptance, and about striving to create a society that is proud of its vibrant diversity.

It is so important in this day and age for us to strive for change and to work for those who are not as privileged as us. Equality is the only form of tangible utopia. 

I am a proud feminist, poet, writer and a lover of fandoms that are too many in magnitude to mention.

When I am not writing in my journal, or musing about this iridescent world of ours, I am dreaming about places I have never seen. I want to travel the world and see it from a perspective that isn’t limited to the life that I have been living.

I have a column at Feminine Collective: An Iridescent Mind with Paakhi Bhatnagar where I write poetry about the elements of existence and the expanding enigma of our minds. I am a regular editor of creative non-fiction, fiction and poetry for Polyphony H.S. I love spending my spare time volunteering with a beautiful non-profit organization: Feline Friends; and dedicating my summers to volunteering with Jeev Aashraya.

~ A wanderess by day and a word ninja by night.



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