Notions of Humanity


People see a colored view of the world around them; it is palpable and vibrant and that is what makes it very hard to conceive in black and white and produce in front of those very people who have already witnessed the colorful reality. But that is what artists do; they take the labyrinth of life and the unfathomability of human emotion and try their best to compress it into a limited dimensional layer that can perhaps be better preserved than our mortal memory.

It is this plethora of creative expressions that – though can never really capture the real essence of existence – forms the basis of the notions of humanity that we see prevalent around our very atmosphere.

I remember reading The Great Gatsby almost two years back and the first thing that struck me about that book was its raw portrayal of human nature in America back in the roaring twenties. Virginia’s Woolf’s layered characterization and narrative led me to realize the nuances within human identities. Life of Pi revealed to me the bravery in cowardice and vice versa – the paradox of existence and the drive of commitment. Humans of New York showed me the multi-dimensional world of the people living across the globe through one-dimensional pages bought from a well-loved book shop.

My perception of humanity evolved (and is still evolving, as is everybody else’s) through the books that I have read, movies that I have watched, songs that I have listened to, and art that I have admired. I find it a privilege to be able to discover a part of myself in the expressions of artists around me. These are the roads that pave my notions of humanity.


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