The Healthcare Crossroads

Obamacare, though not the most suitable healthcare plan for USA, had addressed some basic healthcare needs for women and the disables. This is something that is exponentially lacking in the AHCA (Affordable Healthcare Act).

AHCA, stripped down to its fundamentals, serves only the rich men who do not suffer from any birth defects, or in other words, those people who are born into the top one percent of the privilege hierarchy.

Although at the superficial level AHCA may seem like a good option, especially for all those who are ardently pro-life, but a closer look at it shows that AHCA ignores the basic healthcare needs for women. Most of the Republicans rejected Obamacare because they didn’t want their taxes going into the funding of the immediate medical needs of the poorer section of the society, although they seem to have no problem in their taxes being directed into the funding of a futile “security measure” i.e. the building of the wall in the southern border.

Moreover, AHCA ignores the medical needs for children with chronic illnesses acquired at birth. This means that many of the parent/s who earlier could pay for the sustenance of their children though their medical insurance can no longer do so. AHCA will have a direct negative impact of the lives of thousands of children (and their parents) who, out of no fault of their own, have to live with a chronic illness.

Under AHCA, employers have the right to deny birth control under their insurance policy, which means that the several people suffering from polycystic ovarian syndrome or ovarian cancer or some other disease (which oh-so-fortunately doesn’t affect cis-men) will lose access to the one medication that helps them lead a healthy life.

Although a more comprehensive healthcare act still needs to be formulated in the US, the direction in which the country is currently heading can potentially destruct the lives of several sections of its society. USA is at a crossroad and I strongly believe that it should diverge from the path leading up to AHCA, even if that means reverting to Obamacare.


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