Wuthering Heights

Wuthering Heights is a haunting tale of a vengeful man Heathcliff, his lover Catherine and his sworn enemies Edgar and Hindley. Writing in an intimately critical style, Emily Bronte, describes the pitiful life of Heathcliff Earnshaw using Lockwood, a curious spectator, and Nelly, a former residence of Wuthering Heights, as the narrators.

The story revolves around Heathcliff’s sadistic desires to take revenge from Hindley, his step-brother, for abusing him by acquiring Wuthering Heights. He also plans on taking Thrushcross Grange from Edgar Linton for stealing Catherine away from him. Heathcliff is a remorseless and self-destructive man who goes through many means for seeking his revenge.

Stuck in the labyrinth of seeking vengeance, Heathcliff completely disregards his children and Catherine, whom he loves deeply but darkly. In the end, Heathcliff gets both the properties, but he is still mentally unsettled because of the loss of his lover, Catherine. He dies disconcerted and discontented.

The story Wuthering Heights embodies the scandalous side of the nineteenth century society. Heathcliff epitomizes a lost and wounded soul, who has been scarred deeply by wrong-doings and loss.

Even though the book is written in an unrealistically gothic fashion, it doesn’t fail to engross the readers in the complexity of its characters. It is truly a heart-wrenching, bitter-sweet book about internal conflicts, love and loss.


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