You’re sitting in your room on your bed with clean, white linen sheets that should feel comfortable and homey. But they feel cold and deserted. There’s a pile of paperwork on the bed; your computer is open in front of you, an unfinished Excel sheet blaring at you just like the eyes of your boss. Your heart starts to race. Your brain starts to cloud. Suddenly everything seems impossible to do and you think – no, you know – you’re not going to make it out alive.

Your breath is catching and your mind is fuzzing. You’re not yourself anymore.

That’s when you know you’re having a well-endowed panic attack that’s going to leave you like a barren earth after a hurricane.

Panic attacks are no jokes. The only people who can make jokes about them are the ones who have gone through it, the ones who have stood on that shaky, unpredictable ground where everything is a bundle of doubts and uncertainty.

Panic attacks aren’t something that you can control while you are having them. They come in like a hailstorm and leave whenever they feel fit, not giving a second thought about what you want. But you can certainly control how frequently you get one (or if you get one at all!) by several small changes that you can make in your lifestyle and your thought process.

Women are more prone to panic attacks than men, because let’s face it, we bear more responsibilities than men in most scenarios. Some of these responsibilities are hidden burdens that most outsiders probably don’t even notice. And not to mention, our premenstrual hormones are pretty infamous for making every situation worse still.

Dealing with panic attacks is a feat that you should pat your back for. It’s no easy hurdle to cross, no matter how inconsequential some media outlets may make it out to be. Moreover, everyone’s experience with panic attacks is very different and very hard to compare.

Above all, I think that it’s especially important that people realize that mental health is just as important as physical health and that mental disorders aren’t something that anyone should be ashamed about.

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