Veganism: A Link to Sustainable Development

There has been a lot of talk lately about becoming vegan, or becoming a vegetarian. We have animal rights organizations like PETA that are notable proponents of what some like to call the, “vegan propaganda.” But there is one undeniable benefit to becoming vegan that doesn’t necessarily associate with the humane treatment of animals.  And that is the humane treatment of our earth.

You might be shocked to find out that almost half of the world’s deforestation occurs because large scale food industries clear out dense ecosystems to create grasslands to feed livestock that are used to make your delicious cheeseburgers.

Almost ten times more water is required for the production of one unit of meat than is required for the production of one unit of nutritious vegetables. Not to mention that a lot more energy is required for the processing of meat, than what is required for the harvesting of vegetables.

With all these facts in mind, going vegan definitely stands out as a sustainable life choice; at least until alternative, organic animal husbandry can be developed which can produce meat with minimal damage to the environment.

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