The Feminine Etiquette: Choice

The twenty first century is a good century to be alive because most of us have the liberty to own our reproductive health. But sometimes the way we exercise that liberty might be different for each of us.

There are plenty of women out there who never want to have kids and there are plenty who do. I think it’s time we stop telling women what’s the ultimatum of life.

Some women would like to get married and have kids and have a nice, quintessential family. Some women might want to solely focus on their career or use that (plenty) extra money they’ll be saving by not having kids on travelling to the places that they’ve always wanted to go.

But every time a young woman tries to tell someone that she doesn’t want to have kids, she’s shut down and told that “she’ll change her mind.” Do you really want to force your image of a happy and satisfied life on another woman?

Let’s stop telling young women that they’ll change their mind and decide against not having kids when they grow up. Your womb doesn’t make you a woman just as much as your marital status doesn’t make you a person.

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