Humanitarian Intervention in the UN Charter

Attacks by non-state actors in countries should be taken up us an imperative issue in the United Nations and within the UN Charter.

Fighting against groups like ISIS and ISIL, that have the potential to cause serious attacks and mass hysteria in countries, is a compulsion, especially for targeted countries, so as to protect the rights and safety of its citizens. This makes it important for the right to self-defense be properly defined within the UN charter and provisions for allocation of resources to the targeted country be also adequately defined.

A large number of casualties resulting from a terrorist attack of certain magnitude calls for the use of self-defense to ensure the safety of the citizens of the country. Comprehensive legislative laws at the international level are important in maintaining and establishing peace in areas of terrorist attacks, since it is only through international cooperation that the issue of terrorism – an issue that adversely affects every nation involved – can be tackled efficiently.

For this purpose, International cooperation and collective action as a part of self-defense should also be clearly defined within the UN Charter so as to provide a basis for which humanitarian intervention can be used efficiently.

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