The Feminine Etiquette: Makeup

If I could get a penny for the number of times I’ve been told to not do a certain thing because boys wouldn’t like that, I’d be rich.

The general standard of beauty has been so thoroughly shaped by cis men that we’re all falling for it without giving it a second thought.

There might have been times when you would have seen your friend douse her head in a little too much make up. And you might have cringed at that and told her to bring it down her little. Well, don’t do that anymore.

You have all the means to go and stop your friend from looking like a clown, but don’t stop her from experimenting with makeup. Let her own the look she wears.

A lot of the times women are taken less seriously because of what they decide to do with their face. If we put on too little or no makeup, we’re dry and boring. If we put on too much makeup then we’re surely unintelligent.

It’s about time that we stop defining each other because of how we choose to look.

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