The Feminine Etiquette: Assertion

For centuries we’ve sat on a wooden dining table and lend our ears to men talking and telling us what to do. But now that we’ve finally started talking as well, we’re being told that we’re too loud.

Women often restrain themselves from raising their voice because everyone’s almost too quick to tell us that we’re being rude. But how many times has a male boss raised his voice and gotten praised for getting work done?

If you see a woman owning her career and taking on a leadership role, go and support her. Don’t tell her that she’s being “bossy” just because she wants to get work done. I don’t hear anyone calling a man “bossy” because he’s being a good leader.

We have to teach young girls that taking on actual responsibility and handling it like a boss doesn’t make them any less attractive to anyone. Only then can they grow up dominate their career of choice.

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