Does the Hijab Scare You?

Three weeks ago, I had written an article about dress codes and sexist behavior that has been inculcated in us for so long that it has become normalized.

Well, the same goes for a woman who is covering up her body more than you normally do (and it isn’t cold outside). There might have been times when you have seen a woman walk by in a hijab or a burqa and you felt utter sympathy for her because you think she’s just succumbing to sexism.

There seems to be this trailing misconception going around that Muslim women who chose to wear a hijab do so because they are forced by their religion or because of male family members.

But on the contrary, many Muslim women wear the burqa because they truly want to. This can come from various aspects of their lives including respecting their religion, wanting to continue with their family tradition, or simply because they feel empowered when they cover themselves.

I had once asked my Muslim friend why she chose to wear the hijab every day. She had replied to me saying, “I wear the hijab every day because I feel so empowered to know that I am defying the societal standard of beauty set to please the male gaze.”

So, don’t be afraid of the hijab. It’s another piece of clothing that women use to define themselves and endow themselves with their own authority.

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