On Dress Codes in Society and School

How many times have you seen a woman walk past you in shorts that were too short for your liking? And how many times have you thought less of that woman just because of her choice of clothing? We all are allowed to wear whatever we want and we shouldn’t be judged harshly because of our clothing choice.

You might not realize this, but asking women to cover up their body only fuels body shaming and rape culture. It stigmatizes the female body and soon it becomes all too easy for people to put the blame on the rape victim for wearing a “provocative” dress.

Young girls have been taught from a very young age to be afraid of their own bodies. Having a dress code mandatory only for girls is completely sexist. It’s basically teaching young girls body shaming and how they are supposed to cover up their bodies so that boys can study in a distraction-free environment. Girls’ bodies aren’t distractions and if any of the boys are getting distracted by it then it’s their problem, not ours. So why should we cover up ourselves? Why can’t we teach guys not to think of women as sexual objects?

Sending a girl back home from school just because she broke the dress code indicates that the school thinks that creating a distraction free area for boys to study is more important than the girl’s education.

I understand that dress codes are necessary to maintain uniformity in a place. Dress codes are everywhere, in hospitals schools and parties, but these dress codes should be mandatory to both girls and boys. And I think that there is absolutely no harm if a girl or a boy wears shorts on a hot sunny day to school or to anywhere.

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