Women in Politics: The Role of UN Subsidiaries

Resource allocation to countries currently under conflict. Conflict affects women differently than it does men so it is important that women have a substantial voice in the international forum so that they can raise their concerns and act on issues that violate their human rights.

Creation of a new UN subsidiary is also important. ECOSOC, UNDP, and HeForShe have done a lot in the gender spectrum of international politics, but the Delegate of Colombia believes that there is a need to launch a new UN subsidiary that focuses primarily on the issue of women in countries under conflict. It is important to empower women in conflicted areas to speak so that their issues and concerns can be heard and acted upon.

Every few years, UN Women should come together to discuss the progress made and the direction the direction in which new policies should be framed in order to maximize the role of women in global politics.  Regular systematic reporting and collection of data on the participation of women nationally, regionally and globally would be a welcome advancement in efforts to facilitate the establishment of a clear direction on which the policies have to be made.

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