Breaking the Dress Code Pt. 2

The twenty first century has a lot of potential to produce fashion trends that are incredibly inclusive, that are not guided by predefined social norms and that surpass any form of prevelant discrimination.

Our choice of clothes is more than something we drape over our bodies to appeal to the general public; it is more of a personal statement. People tell you to make your skin your own, to love your body and to appreciate it and the best way we can actually do that is by wearing whatever we want to wear.

And that’s why I believe that it is important to make gender neutral clothing more accessible and less looked down upon.

Girls can wear pants, skirts, dresses and denim jackets; but if a guy happens to wear a t-shirt that so much as hints towards feminine, he is considered unmasculine or gay (since when did someone’s sexuality become an insult, anyway?).

Is this because men find it degrading to dress like women? Is it degrading to be a woman? Maybe it was, a hundred years ago. But we have come a long way since then.

It’s time to stop gendering inanimate objects. Stop classifying a pair of pink sunglasses as ‘girls’ and anything with Hot Wheels on it as ‘boys.’ We are more than our gender.

If your son or your little brother wants to buy a tiara, I say you let him! Something as trivial as playing pretend isn’t going to mess him up. If your sister wants to dress up as Kermit the frog for Halloween instead of pretty princess Bella, you let her!

We say to our generation that you can become whatever you want to be, so why are we stopping them at such an early age?

Our society has been, for a really long time, plagued by a confined definition of gender. Shopping for clothes has become a constant battle for asexual, queer and transgender people. We have to break down and reconstruct these dress codes and then redefine them to fit the likes of all the people of our society.

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