Marley and Me

This book was the definition of bittersweet. Even before you’re over the first chapter, you fall unconditionally in love with Marley; the small Labrador pup whose paws are too big for his body.

This book makes you laugh, cry, smile, hope and most of all want a dog like Marley for yourself.

Marley is a bit more hyper than your average Labrador and he isn’t that easy to train. But apart from that, he is the most loyal, compassionate dog anyone can ever ask for. He has it all: a cheerful paddle, the most delightful and noisy bark and the biggest heart.

I’m missing him so much, even though it’s been a year since I’ve last read the book. I saw the movie only a few weeks back and it brought tears to my eyes.

This book is a must read for animal lovers or book lovers in general. I love how John Grogan described Marley’s antics and also some of the more cheesier parts in a very unique and humorous way.

Even though you’re not much of a dog person, you’ll like this book. It has family drama and the problems faced by the average dog-owning family and perhaps this book will make you want to adopt a little puppy for yourself.

Dogs aren’t just a walking bag of ceaseless energy and saliva, they are a bundle of joy. They are a tiny heart beat right beneath your feet.

And before I leave, remember folks: adopt. don’t buy. 

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