Looking for Alaska

This book was amazing. It had all the elements a good book should have, like definite and realistic characters, fathomable plots and gripping twists. I can now understand why the whole John Green trend started with the release of this book. It’s filled with so many awesome quotes, I feel like almost all of the text in my copy of Looking For Alaska has been highlighted.

“Y’all smoke to enjoy it, I smoke to die.”
My favorite character in this book is Alaska Young and it’s not because she’s a feminist (like me) but because she is just so realistic and yet different from all the other characters in the book or any book I’ve read so far. She has flaws, traits and an extremely good sense of humor.

“I came here looking for a Great Perhaps.”
Pudge was definitely the reason why I developed an interest in last words as well. Before him, I wasn’t as profoundly interested in them as I am now.

“I just did some calculations and I’ve been able to determine that you’re full of shit.”
The Colonel is like my second favorite character, he’s smart and funny and sarcastic in a mean but not too mean kind of way. I love how he thinks that the best day for him will be when he becomes rich, not because he’s greedy for money but because he wants his mother to experience all the luxuries of being rich. He came from a poor family, with an abusive father who left them all alone. I was really moved by his love for his mother. Oh, and also the fact that he’s so goddamned good at planning pranks.

Looking For Alaska dwells a lot on teenage psychology as well as how to pull of awesome pranks in your school. There are also bits of knowledge about religious matter in the book since every student at Culver Creek has to attend the Religion Class and though many people might think that religion is boring, but it’s actually not. Especially in the context of this book, religion is actually interesting. (and this is coming from someone who doesn’t believe in religion).

I’m probably going to be re-reading this book many times and also re-reading all the quotes that I’ve highlighted a billion times just like I did for TFiOS. Looking For Alaska isn’t the least bit sappy or cliché, it’s a really good book that I would recommend it to anyone who feels like reading something angsty written in a humorous way.

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