The Art of Feminism

Even though the idea of feminism is becoming very popular, there are still many people who don’t actually know the meaning of feminism.

One of the most common misconceptions about feminism is that it’s extremely radical. On the contrary, feminism is just the belief held by people that someday women will get equal rights as men. There is absolutely nothing radical about it. Also, if someone is a feminist it doesn’t mean that they want to suppress men or any of that bullshit. Being a feminist means that you are in support of women enjoying equal rights, not only on a constitutional basis but also in our daily lives, as men.

In the past centaury women have gained recognition and an almost equal status as men in many countries. But some of the recognized equalities are just constitutional or superficial and aren’t actually followed. Since the independence of the United States of America, there has not been any one female president, however there have been several candidates. I’m not saying that we should vote for a woman candidate just because she’s female or because we believe in women empowerment, this will again become sexist.

Rebecca West famously said, “Feminism is the notion that women are people.” In other words. feminism is the sentiment or belief that women are created equal to men and should be treated in the same way.

Being a feminist is also sometimes considered as a negative aspect due to radical feminists or ‘feminazis’ that dismiss the fact that men should be considered equal too. Feminazis is nothing but a more rigorous form of feminism, something that should not be followed. Also, how can you even think about relating a movement advocating for equality to a movement that started a genocidal war?

 Being a feminist is simply displaying the sentiment of women being human beings too. Being a feminist should be like being anti-racist (which is hugely popularized and respected) or being a Democrat. Feminism isn’t something that is restricted only to women, men can also be feminists. Feminism doesn’t only free  women from the restrictions they endured during the past but also it frees men from the necessity of them being dominant figures. People shouldn’t be told how to compose themselves or act on the basis of their gender. Feminism is the hope that one day – hopefully soon, thanks to Emma Watson and other amazing women (and men)- we wont be bound by the limitations that were imposed on us because of our sex.

So in conclusion: feminism is the right of women to be treated equally as men, for women to have the same opportunities and the same facilities as men do. For girls to grow up in the same progressive environment as boys do and for them to have rights to educational remedies.

Feminism is an art, its’s a stand against gender-based discrimination.

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