Leaves of Grass

Walt Whitman is one of my favorite poets. I love his liberal and metaphorical writing style and how he incorporates political elements into social ones.

I love reading political fiction/non fiction. Any literature that talks about political events or opinions is my go-to. Whitman so efficiently combines politics with literature that I simply had to read his poetry collection.

My personal favorite poem from Leaves of Grass was “I Sing the Body Electric.” It is an endearing poem that portrays the human body as something scared with as much value as the human puts to it. I love how there Whitman is able to capture the sexuality of the human body without ever sexualizing it. He talks about the male and the female body as being the whole of parts of emotions and actions, which I think is so appropriate. Because after all, our body is only as much as our thoughts. Our body is a disguise with as much beauty as our mind. Something I love about Whitman’s poetry is how he can talk about tabooed topics without adding any stigma to it.

I also especially liked “Europe: The 72d and 73d Years of These States.” Whitman was patriot and this speaks about his anger toward the English Monarch who repeatedly American lands. I also really admired how Whitman alludes to Monroe’s Doctrine in this poem to tell the Englishmen to go back to their own lands.

I find Whitman’s writing style to be somewhat similar to George Orwell’s. Both of them speak about political issues and both of them add personification and metaphors to get their message across. Whitman’s Leaves of Grass is very similar to Orwell’s Animal Farm in that sense.

Leaves of Grass is definitely an admirable and thought-provoking collection of poetry and something that every literature enthusiast should read.

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