Overturning Arguments Against Abortion

There are many arguments against abortion and I have had a lot of these thrown at me during my various discussions with anti choicers. But I am yet to come across an argument that will actually make me think about my stand on this situation.

One of the many arguments that I have answered are those relating to the heartbeat of the fetus or the growth and development of the fetus.

There is really only one answer to this and that is the concept of personhood. The pregnant person has full rights over their body and no other human can violate that. Even if you think that a fetus is equivalent to a human being, there is no law or line written anywhere in any constitution or religion that makes it okay for one human to use the body of another.

And considering a fetus equivalent to a human is just another uneducated statement.

What defines humanity?

The brain. The conciousness. Without this we are nothing.

Many people like to bring in the concept of “souls” here. A lot of the anti choicers like to say that the soul exists from the time of conception.

But soul is another belief. Not everyone believes in souls just like not everyone believes in Christianity. You cannot force tour belief on anybody else.

Another argument against abortion is the possibility that the fetus may grow up to become a very important member of the society.

But what about the roegnant perosn who has the potential to become a very important member of the society? What about the rape victim who was forced to drop out of school because pregnancy costs are too much? What about the businesswoman who was forced into quitting her job because people still discriminate against pregnant women?

Any hypothetical situation crafted by an anti choicers is not an argument. There are so many possibilities, so many maybes that you can’t take that into consideration while putting forward a logical argument. Any educated anti choicers will not throw a hypothetical scenario at you, and if one does, then there really is no point is having a discussion with someone who doesn’t even know how to put forward a clear point.

Then there is the question that I actually like: What about sex selective abortion?\

Here is my answer to that:  Education is the most important tool.  Sex selective abortion comes from inbred sexism and the notion that the girl child is somehow a burden to the family. Big dowry, child marriage and the presentiment that women are supposed to take care of children is still very real in almost all Asian countries. It is these notions that we have to tear down through education. Banning abortion completely will not stop the problem. We should strive to educate everybody, we should strive to spread feminism in every nook ans corner or Asia so that every one can hear that both men and women are equal.I have written a more detailed explanation of this here: Is Banning Abortion Really The Solution to Ending Female Feticide?


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