Where Rainbows End

I have never loved and hated a book this much in my entire life.

I loved it for all the little things in it, the inordinately long friend-zoned relationship, the heartfelt long letters and the cute short instant messages and the beautiful emails that together comprised the whole book.

I hated it because it was based on missed chances and it made me cry more than twice which is record breaker because I don’t cry that often. I only dropped a singly tear while reading TFiOS.

I honestly have never wanted, at this huge magnitude, to smack Alex and Rosie on the head with Where Rainbows End for missing so many chances and being so completely oblivious.

It’s almost like whenever you think that they’re finally going to get together just like they were meant to, something happens and they miss the chance.

But this book was so good and incredibly well write=It’s the kind of book that stays with you long after you’ve read it. And the characters too; they will never leave you. Especially Alex and Rosie.

The book, apart from all the negatives about missing chances, is also very positive. Rosie is such an optimistic person. It was just so good to read how Rosie took every blow as a lesson and learnt from it and evolved. And even after all the setbacks she had to face, she finally got what she wanted.

While I was reading this book all I could do was sit and read while Alex and Rosie kept constantly messing everything up for their relationship. I so badly wanted to dive into the book and shake both of them violently so that they could get some blood in their brains and make the correct decision next time around.

All in all, the book is definitely a buy and keep and re-read. It’s so good, you’ll fall in love with almost all the characters and learn to forgive the ones that weren’t so good in the starting.

I love it and I no that you all will love it too.

PS: It’s KNOW not NO.

(You’ll get that when you read the book)

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