Volunteering at Jeev Aashraya

Jeev Aashraya is a non-profit organization in Lucknow, the capital city of Uttar Pradesh, in India.

India is filled with street animals with nowhere to go, that live on the road and are constantly in danger of getting hit by the traffic. There are street dogs, cats, cows, and buffaloes, all kinds of birds and sometimes foxes that roam the streets in search for food to eat and water to drink (which is sparsely available for them). These animals need a home. These animals need Jeev Aashraya.

Like last summer, this summer, too, I visited Jeev Aashraya to volunteer with them and help them house the injured animals.

They have a vast ground in Kanha Upvan, a place in Lucknow, where they take care of injured cows and buffaloes. A little house where they keep injured dogs and a separate one where they keep the cats. Their dedication to helping these animals in very endearing.

One thing I have noticed from last year is that the support that Jeev Aashraya has within Uttar Pradesh has definitely grown. The organization receives several calls a day from people who notice an injured animal on the road. They then send out an ambulance to pick up the animal and take the animal to their sanctuary in Kanha Upvan.

My experience volunteering with Jeev Aashraya was definitely very eye opening and educating. I have learnt a lot about how important animals are for our ecosystem and for our daily life. I’ve always loved animals, but I was never aware about their sheer importance in our lives.

There are many stray animals in India, not just in Uttar Pradesh, and this is why it becomes very important to spread awareness about the need to take care of these animals amongst the vast Indian population. It is important that everyone, including the government, take initiative to get as many animals out of the street and into animal shelters.

Building animal shelters, just like Jeev Aashraya’s, should be another priority in India’s Five Year Plans.

Jeev Aashraya needs more volunteers who are willing to spread the message about the need for housing stray animals, and who can spend a coupled Saturdays volunteering for various purposes ranging from distributing flyers to driving ambulances. If you are unable to volunteer, then consider donating to them since they need all the help they can get. There are thousands of stray animals in Lucknow alone and not nearly enough medicine and other facilities. Your donation can help Jeev Aashraya expand and reach to more states and cities to help even more animals.

Details for volunteering and donation can be found here: Jeev Aashraya website

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