Where She Went

Where She Went is a compelling sequel to If I Stay, and in some ways, I found it to be even more engrossing than the first book. I finished it off within a day, it was that good.

This books mostly revolves around Adam and Mia’s life three years after the accident. It is told from Adam’s perspective, which I thought was really good because in the first book I didn’t get to really hear Adam or understand him that well. Now I felt more intimately connected to both the characters in the book since I had dwelt into both of their thoughts.

Just like If I Stay, Where She Went spans a few weeks in Adam’s life during which he met Mia after three long and depressing years. Instead of being set in Oregon, the book is set in New York, and the weather here is chirpy, warm and humid; instead of bitter cold and rainy. In some aspects, the shift in the weather and the location also accentuated the shift in the perspective and situation of the book.

I love how music is so thoroughly incorporated in the book. I love music and I love reading, and this book provided me with a beautiful mix of both of these. The classical and rock genre transfusion in the book is enough to explain the complex relationship between Mia and Adam; how their clashing personalities complement each other.

The feminist touches that Gayle Forman leaves in this book are amazing. Like in the previous book where she mentioned abortion in a positive light; in Where She Went, Forman talked briefly about female nudity and why the restriction on it just brings out sexism in the society.

Where She Went is the go-to book for leisure reads, especially during your summer break. It is easy reading mixed with fun music. In all, a beautiful book.

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