Possible Anti-Choice Arguments Answered

Is there any scientific evidence that abortion isn’t murder?

Abortion isn’t murder not because of “scientific” reason. There is no scientific reasoning that can define what murder is.

Abortion isn’t murder because of the concept of personhood.

The pregnant person has rights over their body which no other human can violate. And also, the person who is already born is, by definition, more of a person than a fetus (which is scientifically a clump of multiplying cells that will eventually take the form of a human).

Is America becoming more pro-life or pro-choice in regard to abortion?

More number of people in America are pro choice. America is, in all honesty, a fairly progressive country and it wouldn’t be called so unless at least half if it’s population did not support basic human rights like safe and legal access to abortion.

Why are women allowed to have abortions in unfair cases?

That isn’t an “unfair” case.

Women who get abortion are excersizing their right to bodily autonomy. You can force someone to do something with their bodies if they don’t want to.

Also, safe sex can lead to pregnancy. Condoms break, pills fail, etc. Now, unless you are giving free IUDs to every woman, no matter how safe you are during sex, you CAN get pregnant.

What do pro-choicers think of the pictures of aborted babies/fetuses?

I completely respect ur views and honestly don’t listen to anyone trying to change them.

I am Pro Choice so I believe that everyone should be able to choose how they live, their beliefs included.

Now, on the actual topic: showing these pictures is extremely wrong, triggering and hurtful. Don’t do it.

Stop dictating people what to do with their bodies by trying to guilt them into succumbing to your beliefs.

Why do some people who otherwise approve of abortion (morally or legally) complain about sex-selective abortion (morally or legally)?

Sex selective abortion is wrong in its moral sense because it is sexist.

Abortion should not be banned because a few people believe that sex selective abortion is the right way to go.

Instead of banning abortion, people should educate and spread awareness about feminsim amd equality.

If abortion is banned a person who wants to have an abortion just because the fetus is said to be a girl, will not have access to safe abortion facilities.
This means that they will:

  1. Have a girl child and treat her with undue discrimination and deny her of her rights
  2. Go through illegal and hazardous abortion which will in turn hand the health of the pregnant perosn.

This is why I believe abortion should be a allowed no matter what the reason.

Do pro-choice proponents seek to understand the pro-life side?

Yes I do.

I really do want to understand why most people who xall themselves pro-life want go take away the rights of a sentient human being and give it to a fetus that is using their body to live without their consent.

It is most obviously a violation of the right to full bodily autonomy.

I do know some pro life people who do not support abortion but support the fact that the people who are seeking this medical facility should be able to get one.

Is abortion worst than using meth?

Um no.

I honestly don’t understand how you can even begin to compare those two.

Is seeking cancer therapy worst than smoking a cigarette?
Is driving a car worse than lighting a house on fire?

Thats how this question sounds.

Nevertheless, using meth harms the Enviornment and the person consuming it, abortion does neither.

Abortion is a human right. It is a normal medical procedure.

Is it moral if I get an abortion at 32 weeks?


There is nothing immoral about excersizing bodily autonomy. No one can use ur body without your permission. Don’t let anyone tell you what you should and should not do with your body.
If you are uncomfortable with getting an abortion at that point, then don’t get one. But if you are, then go ahead. But it will be illegal in most countries because they fail to truly understand human rights.

The United Nations has declared that denying women an abortion, under any circumstances except those directly relating to the physical health of the woman, is equivalent to torture.

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