Speech: 17 Sustainable Development Goals

MUNI – Youth Ambassador Speech – Paakhi Bhatnagar

Honorable Secretary General Ban Ki Moon and fellow members of the assembly.
We are here to discuss the 17 sustainable development goals. These goals target various issues pertaining to the development of the economy of various countries and at the same time address the need to conserve our environment.

These goals are especially important for the youth as they focus on creating more employment opportunities and reducing economic disparities. The growth of the economy needs to happen in tandem with environment protection so as to pave a way for technological advancement and to meet our current needs, while preserving for the future.
The unemployment rate amongst the youth in India was approximately 10% as per the 2014 World Bank data with only a slight decrease from the earlier years. These global goals will not only help tackle this problem of unemployment but also broaden the positive impact of globalization, bringing in more employment opportunities through multinational corporations.

It is imperative that we achieve these global goals as they strive for more inclusive societies. This includes ending discrimination on the grounds of gender and race and providing opportunities to all the members of the society, including the youths, to participate in the decision making process. We must channelize the energy and innovative ideas of the youth in the development of our societies.
Through these 17 sustainable development goals we will strive for a future that is balanced in economic growth and environment conservation and produces prosperous, healthy and accountable citizens.

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