From Rags to Riches: Two Inspirational Women

We have all had those fleeting moments of terror where we feel that our existence is inconsequential and that we may not become who we truly want to be. This instils a fear of failure inside. But our desire to achieve should out rule our fear of failing, for one can never get what he or she wants unless they strive to achieve it.

Here are two stories about inspirational women that will help you stay motivated:

J.K. Rowling


We all know Joanna K. Rowling as the famous author of the Harry Potter series, a beautiful writer who through the work of her pen built the childhood of so many children. She certainly played an important role in my elementary school life.


But we know little about her struggle to success.

In 1982, Rowling took the entrance exams for Oxford University but was not accepted and read for a BA in French and Classics at the University of Exeter.

In December 1990, Rowling’s mother Anne died after ten years suffering from multiple sclerosis. Rowling was writing Harry Potter at the time and had never told her mother about it. Her death heavily affected Rowling’s writing and she introduced much more detail about Harry’s loss in the first book, because she knew how it felt.

Seven years after graduating from university, Rowling saw herself as a failure. Her marriage had failed, and she was jobless with a dependent child, but she described her failure as liberating and allowing her to focus on writing. During this period Rowling was diagnosed with clinical depression and contemplated suicide. Her illness inspired the characters known as Dementors, soul-sucking creatures introduced in the third book. Rowling signed up for welfare benefits, describing her economic status as being “poor as it is possible to be in modern Britain, without being homeless.

But she did not give up on her writing and her all her struggles paid off.

Oprah Winfrey


Oprah Winfrey, the Queen of Media is also the mother of all rags to riches stories, growing up in a very poor household and working her way to the top heights of wealth, power, and influence.

Winfrey hails from rural Mississippi. She was born to a teenage mother. Later in her life she started living with her grandmother. They were so poor that they couldn’t afford to buy new dress. So instead, her grandmother used to make dresses for her out of potato sacks.

Oprah and her mother moved to inner-city Milwaukee when she was 9, where she endured sexual abuse from her extended family. She ran away at 13 and became pregnant at 14 and had a miscarriage.

But she did not let these things get to her. She because stronger from her past experiences.

That same year, she was sent to live with family friend, Vernon Winfrey, in Tennessee. Here, things turned around for young Winfrey. She did well in school, became a student leader and started her career in media.


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