Volunteer: Giving Back To Your Society

Amidst the chaos of giving one of the most important exams (as considered by the Indian Education System, anyway) I decided to sign up for a volunteering event.

Just one event that involves giving back to your society and helping others in order to make a difference. No one should be having second thoughts about this wonderful opportunity, right?

me me.jpgBut frankly, I was. And it wasn’t because I did not want to volunteer (God I love volunteering and I absolutely love the feeling of satisfaction that comes after it), it was because no one seemed to be too thrilled about the fact that I would be wasting a wonderful Friday morning that I could have spent studying. And like all human beings, I began to question whether it was really a good idea to volunteer.

But I woke up at five o ‘clock in the morning despite my eminent confusion (and I say eminent because I am literally always confused about something or the other) I took a cold shower (not because I feel the need to freeze myself early in the morning, but because I had forgotten to switch on the water heater) and went to the Creek Park to volunteer.

And it was probably the most wonderful decisions I had made in this whole year (given that this whole year has only been three months long).

meeee.jpgThere is something ambiguously beautiful about being involved in something purely for the pleasure of doing something for someone else. I am not exactly a selfish person, nor am I a philanthropist. I am a sixteen year old who likes to read books and write haikus on her hands and who also enjoys being a part of something bigger than herself. And volunteering is exactly that!

Volunteering is extending your hand to the community that has helped you become who you are, it is helping people who quite possible don’t know you’re helping them, it’s about being part of something bigger that yourself. And everything about it is definitely worthwhile.

P.S. The volunteering event that I was a part of was Dubai Cares Walk for Education.

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