Plastic Bags: A Menace or a Boon?

We have an abundance of plastic bags in UAE, they are ubiquitously found everywhere. In fact, there is probably a gigantic plastic bag in every household where the family stores additional smaller plastic bags which they get from the super markets.

UAE is a rich country, so the production of plastic bags is a convenience that they can mindlessly afford. But the scenario is not the same in India.

plastic[1].jpgMy visit to India, this year, has been very mind-opening. While there is a surplus amount of garbage on the roads of my country, the amount of plastic bags produced has been reduced substantially. Maybe a decade or two ago, you would find green plastic bags with every street vendor, but now these plastic bags have been replaced by jute bags.

Most supermarkets in India have also started charging a few extra rupees for plastic bags, making it an obligation for customers to try and carry their own cloth or jute bags from their houses. And those green ‘plastic monsters’ that used to litter my country, have seemingly vanished from their former home with all the street hawkers.

I think this initiative that India has taken is absolutely amazing and I feel that Dubai can do the same. Charging the customers an extra dirham for the plastic bags that most take for granted will make them think twice before carelessly picking one up from the counter.

Through these small steps, we can make UAE an ever more eco-friendly country. It is time to turn a new leaf, and this leaf might just be the greenest UAE has ever seen.



3 thoughts on “Plastic Bags: A Menace or a Boon?

  1. The UK has started charging for bags now too, with the proceeds being donated (by law) to a charity chosen by the bag provider. The change is a welcome and positive step, but it’s a shame it took us so long – many areas of Wales and Scotland have charged for years and used the money to support local communities.

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    • I’m so happy to hear that! And yes, even though the change is late, at least there is a change. I really hope Dubai decides to do something like that too.


      • We are now hoping for an improvement in the number of reusable bags that are made from more sustainable materials. Speaking for the UK, the majority of reusable bags are still made from one kind of plastic or another, rather than more friendly materials like hemp. Change is a slow process, but at least the government has made steps in the right direction now

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