The Marble Collector

marvle.jpgCecilia Ahern is, with no doubt, one of my favorite authors.

All of her stories revolve around the self-discovery of the protagonist, and so does The Marble Collector. I love how Ahern can turn something as mundane as a normal human being’s daily life routine into something as intriguing as this book was.

The Marble Collector has no definite plot, you don’t know where exactly the book is going. But what you do know is everything that is going on in the minds of Sabrina and Fergus (the main characters in the book).

Ahern slowly unravels the secret life of Fergus Boggs through a series of one night adventures by Sabrina, Fergus’s daughter.

The Marble Collector is set on a day that a lunar eclipse takes over the whole of Ireland. And yes, this entire book covers the span of exactly one day in Sabina’s life, but somehow that one day is enough to uncover the whole life of Fergus Boggs.

marble.jpgThis book has quite a detailed description of various types of marbles, their inventory and how to play various marble games, but none of them are so detailed that they get boring. Although I have to admit, I had to read some of the pages that described the games twice to actually understand them. But then again, this wouldn’t pose much of a problem for marble fanatics or for the people who played with them when they were younger.

In this book Sabrina Boggs has one day for herself from her busy schedule of looking after her kids, going to her uneventful job and reassuring her husband that their marriage is not in trouble. But instead of resting, like she initially plans to, a mysterious call from her dad’s old age home serves as the start of a long, unexplainably beautiful day for her.

The Marble Collector is definitely a must-read, especially for people like me who love reading about the lives of fictional people they barely know, and in them finding a piece of ourselves that we didn’t know existed.

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