Rape Culture

We all are very well aware of the rape culture in today’s society. There are so many rapes every day and only a third of them actually get reported and even less are brought to justice. Rape culture has certainly increased over the past few decades, mostly because most members of the society take it very lightly.

Most of the rape victims are blamed for getting themselves raped, this is especially among women. The society asks them what they were wearing; and if their attire was too revealing then they were ‘asking for it.’ Or if they were drunk and flirted just a little bit, they were ‘asking for it.’

I have honestly never heard anything so outrageous and ridiculous. The only situation in which a woman is ‘asking for it’ is when she soberly and willingly says yes. Everything else is a NO. And just because a woman decides to wear a particular type of clothing that ‘provokes’ someone, it doesn’t mean that that person is entitled to act on his/her hormones.

RapeCulturepic.jpgIt’s almost like stabbing a person in the back and saying that his stupidity provoked me. No matter how you dress, or if you’re high or not, no still means a NO. It does not mean convince me, it simple means a no. And if someone fails to understand this simple definition of a two letter word, then they seriously need a dictionary for Christmas.

Saying that ‘boys will be boys’ is like teaching girls to fear men and telling them that they’re responsible for any sexual harassment that they experience. Which is as true as Lee Harvey Oswald being the only one involved in the assassination of JFK. Aka, it is NOT TRUE.

So stop teaching women to cover up their bodies and eradicate the phrase ‘boys will be boys’ from your speech. Because that gives men the liberty to do anything they want, treat women like sexual objects, and get away with it just by saying that ‘boys will be boys.’

It’s not just women who are victims of sexual assault, men get raped too. In fact male rape victims are extremely unlikely to report their rape because of these invisible standards set up by the society which say that “men don’t get hurt.”

So take a stand against rape culture. This heinous act has to be removed from the world and the most effective way to do that is by education.

Education is the most important tool of bringing about a change in this world, and it is also one of the most reachable tools. We can spread awareness just by changing the way we speak and by changing the values that we inculcate in the younger generation. We can take social media by storm, after all social media is slowly becoming a very effective platform for societal improvement.



2 thoughts on “Rape Culture

  1. Thank you for writing about something so near and dear to my heart! As a sexual abuse survivor, I have seen firsthand how rape culture is so incredibly harmful. Thank you for lending your voice to something so important 🙂

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    • I am glad that you liked my post and I do believe that it is imperative that we all speak out about this terrible culture that has taken over our society.


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