Eat Pray Love

Elizabeth Gilbert is one of the most talented writers of the twenty first century and her well-renowned and impeccably famous book, Eat Pray Love, tells us exactly that.

This books is filled with self-exploration, making peace with yourself and TRAVEL. Yes, this book revolves around traveling.

blog EPL.jpgI started reading this book when I wasn’t quite happy in the company of myself or in the company of others. Elizabeth Gilbert wrote this books when she was going through the same thing, just under different circumstances. So I could relate to this book almost entirely and I could relate to Gilbert even more – I love travelling, I don’t like staying in one place and I am a bit terrified of commitment too.

Eat Pray Love starts with Gilbert talking bout her failed marriage and failing love with her boyfriend, David. She is open with talking about her personal life and she tells the truth, something that is essential for a writer: telling the readers the truth.

She then decides to embark upon a year long journey to three drastically different countries in the world: Italy, India and Indonesia. I, I and I. And she is very well aware of this beautiful coincidence. She writes in her book that these three places help her discoverer herself, help her discover I.

There are many reasons I liked this book. One was that I could relate so much to Gilbert and so much to what she was going through.

Second was that, it had Italian in it. I love the Italian language. It’s so delicious (and not only because it is the only language in the world with the most food related words) and it’s so ancient. I love history and I love old languages. Italian has a very complex history, it’s didn’t start off with Ciao! Io sono donna. It was actually made up by several writers during the early period of Italian history and went through immense change.

Third was that, it talked about Yoga and meditation. I have written in this post: How Yoga Has Helped Me about my love for yoga and how it has helped me a lot, both physically and emotionally. Eat Pray Love covered a lot about different forms of yoga and about Gilbert’s time in an Indian Ashram, learning about Indian yoga and meditation.

Fourth and finally, it was her writing style. It did not take me long to fall head over heels in love with Gilbert’s writing styles. I love her gentle play with words and the way her soft sentences make a profound impact on the reader.

I would definitely recommend you read this book.

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