Politicians Who Became Jokes of 2015

Here is a small list of four politicians (or people in politics) that made me wonder if going into politics is slowly turning into a joke for some people.

  1. Donald Trump. Well obviously he was going to be the top on this list. Trump not only stated a few a very racist laws that he would like to be implemented in the USA like all Muslims having to wear a badge (does this remind anyone of what Hitler did to the Jews?) and all Muslims being terrorists, but he also made some pretty stupid and sexist comments during his campaign. He said that dealing with gun laws is, “inconsequential,” because no matter what you do, people will find a way to get a gun; and yet somehow he manage to stand erect on his ideal that abortion should be abolished by law. He also went on to completely deny the existence of domestic terrorism. Basically, he mastered the art of dehumanizing everyone except white, Christian men.
  2. Josh Moore. This New Hampshire state representative spoke publically about a proposed bill that would alter the current law of the state in which both men and women are allowed to go topless in public (the fact that we even need a law that has to allow us to expose ourselves is beyond me, I mean it’s my body and my rights). Apparently, he doesn’t want women to expose their nipple (sexist, much?) in public and want to impose a law that punished women who purposely expose their areola or nipple. As if this wasn’t enough, he even went on to make sexist comments towards some of the female representatives. When the conversation was brought to public breastfeeding, Moore blatantly said that he should be able to sexually assault women who show their nipple in public.
  3. David Moore. Montana’s representative, David Moore, proposed a bill that would strengthen the state’s laws on indecent exposure after a couple of naked bicyclists pulled up a stunt that he didn’t approve of. He also suggested that there should be a ban on women wearing yoga pants because apparently it is, “distracting.”
  4. Jeb Bush. Oh Republican party, why do you continue to disappoint me? Bush used taxpayer money to promote anti-abortion groups, told women to go and “find a husband” to solve their problems and signed a bill that required single moms to publish their sexual history.

What is it to anybody if someone else is naked? If you have such a big problem with it, close your damn eyes. What is with this war on women’s bodies? The only person who gets to decide what they can or cannot do with their body is the person themselves.

Hopefully I won’t be unfortunate enough to encounter such people who are trying to, “change the world,” in the news in 2016.

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