Is Banning Abortion Really The Solution to Ending Female Feticide?

Abortion is a women’s right. Every single human being in the world has a right to their own body, you can’t really deny that fact. And pregnancy has a big effect on a woman’s body. Therefore, I believe that every woman, no matter where she lives, has to have access to safe abortion facilities.

A lot of you might already know the issue of female feticide is still lurking in many countries, especially south-east Asian countries. A lot of people from these countries prefer to have a son over a daughter because of prevailing sexist presentiments.


I am from India and I was really surprised to know that a lot of people still prefer to have a son and some go to the extents of getting an abortion multiple times in hopes of getting a male heir. It’s ridiculous, really and also a ghastly misuse of abortion facilities.

Because of these issues, and some religious beliefs, abortion in many countries has been constitutionally banned.

While it is essential that abortion facilities are safeguarded from this kind of misuse, the banning of abortion causes a lot of trouble for families who want to get an abortion purely because they are not ready to be parents/a parent yet.

Even if you force sexist parents to have a girl child by denying them an abortion, they are probably going to deny their daughter a lot of facilities which she is rightfully entitled to. Like education for instance. A lot of girls drop out from schools when they are in middle school because their parents force them to. Parents like these think that investing in their daughter’s education is a complete waste of money, while it is obviously to the contrary.

tumblr_ncxbdzavt11r4wgdzo1_1280What I’m trying to say is, banning abortion is not the solution to ending female feticide.

I agree that it is imperative that abortion facilities are safe guarded from misuse, but they should none the less be accessible and legal for other women. Abortion should be allowed to all women all over the world, just as long as it is not for sex selective abortion, as that leads to an awkward and unhealthy population ratio. It is also detrimental for the country. After all, this is what Malala said:

“How can a nation move forward if half of its population is held back?”

The true solution to ending female feticide is education. We must educate every person and change their views on how a girl child is a burden. We have to spread awareness about women’s rights campaigns, especially in rural areas that are otherwise mostly cut-off from these social developments. We have to ban sex selective abortion instead of just banning abortion (we can’t deny every woman their rights).

tumblr_ncbxg7h8qa1sfwpnto1_250I know that the governments of many countries (as well as NGOs) are actively trying to educate everybody about feminism, but the need for proper targeting is vital. A lot of operations are unsuccessful because of inadequate targeting.

I do hope that in the future more and more people will begin to see the light in feminism and that every person will have a right over their own body and that every child (and every adult) will be treated equally, indifferent to their gender.

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