I have been obsessed with Troye Sivan’s new album Blue Neighborhood for quite a while now, but I only just discovered his song HEAVEN a few days back and I think it has already made its way to the top of my ‘favorite songs’ list.

It is such a beautiful song and it is so absolutely inspiring.

HEAVEN ipodIn this song Troye Sivan talks about realizing who he really is and his battle against himself. He talks about blaming himself for doing something even though it was completely natural.

Heaven, from what I have gathered from the hundred times that I have heard this song, is about his realization that he is gay. It is about fighting with this realization until it wins and settles in.

Some people in the society have this misconception that being homosexual is unnatural and therefore proclaiming that you are one puts you in a position where you are unable to go to heaven and meet God.

I, personally, am not religious, so anything that people say about God or their religion doesn’t faze me and I don’t make it my business to correct anything that they believe in that I do not. After all, everybody has a right to follow whatever they believe in.

But what I don’t understand is why people impose their ideals onto other people.

Sometimes I feel like all the human beings in this world are forever bound under this pressure of societal acceptance. That they are pressed to believe something that doesn’t really flow rightly in ther hearts. That they are pushed to do thing that they are not comfortable with, that they don’t feel natural about.

After all, the feeling of something being natural depends on how one perceives it, and we all have different perceptions. So what feels natural to you, probably doesn’t feel natural to someone else. And that’s okay.

You should embrace who you truly are so that you can live in your skin and feel good about yourself. And this is what I think HEAVEN is all about, and I mean heaven as in both: Troye’s song and that mystical place where all energy goes to thrive in.

link to a little video by Troye about HEAVEN.

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