Is Extremism Parallel To Religion?

A religious havoc is at its best in the world today. I’m lucky enough to live in a place where all the religious and unreligious people can thrive under a beautiful tapestry of harmony, where your religion – or lack thereof – does not affect you.

But that’s not the same for the rest of the world.

Religion is under a thick layer of pressure, it’s under a suffocating blanket of apparent extremism. Islam is often scoffed at and tossed into a pile of maybe-terrorism.

We live in a world where if a man, who happens to be a Muslim, picks up a gun is labelled as terrorist. Where one religious group is simply labelled as extremist.

We live in a world where a Republican candidate (oh Republicans!), Jeb Bush, thinks that it’s a good idea to segregate Syrian refugees on the basis of religion and only cater to those who are Christians. And this, for some reason, is not considered as extremism.

Religion is not extremist, it’s the people who are. And pressing on religion into a shadow of extremism is a heinous act.

Extremism is not parallel to Religion.

If it were, then every religion would be considered extreme. Because there are people all over the world that follow or believe in different religions that are also involved in terrorism, murder or any other atrocities.

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