The Irony of Pro-Life

The shooting in Colorado at the Planned Parenthood clinic wasn’t the first senseless shooting against abortion, but it still came as a shock to me.


PP cares, it protects and provides women and transgender men with rights.


I started pondering what pro-choice and pro-life really are. They both seem humane and both right in their place. But then how do I so passionately identify myself as a pro-choice?

Well, it’s because I completely and absolutely agree with the essence of pro-choice.

“Pro-choice says that you know what’s right for your body, and that you have full control over it.”

Pro-life says exactly the opposite. It says that I know what’s good for your body and I shall dictate how many rights you have over it.

But I guess that’s fine, and I cannot tell people to think how I want them to think, because then my practice will become contrary to what I believe in.

Pro-life is fine. And if somebody believes that abortion is bad, then okay cool, don’t get an abortion. I personally think eating meat is bad, that’s why I am a vegetarian, and we are both right in our own place.

But I honestly don’t think that pro-life people should go around and stop other people from having an abortion or proper and safe maternal health care (because that is what Planned Parenthood efficiently provides).

Now, after the Colorado shooting, even though many people are distressed about it – including myself, there are some people who call themselves ‘pro-life’ are actually celebrating this incident. There are people out there who are congratulating, Robert L. Dear (the shooter), on what he has done.

137603198-crop-rectangle3-largeSome people are saying that he has saved a lot of ‘babies from dying’ and other such nonsense. How does killing two sentient people equate to being pro-life? Are you trying to say that you only give a damn about the person’s life when they are a fetus (which is essentially non-sentient)?

It’s so ironical how the US Congress insists on shutting down maternal healthcare and abortion (which actually comes under maternal healthcare) facilities while so many people are dying because of gun violence.

Buying a gun is so much easier in USA than getting an abortion. Anybody from anywhere can get their hands on a gun.

But women have to wait for an unnecessary amount of time to get an abortion, They have to fill out paper works, pay an inordinate amount of money, leave their work and life behind to go to another part of the state to get access to appropriate facilities (because of the limited about of PP clinics) and whatnot just so they can decide what to and what not to do with their bodies.

planned-parenthood1Planned Parenthood is a beautiful organization that provides women with rights over their own body that many deny. It provides women with safe maternal healthcare and ensures that all women have equal access to safe healthcare facilities.

Why would anybody want to take this away from them? Please, do not take away their healthcare facilities, do not take away their care.

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