How Yoga Has Helped Me

My family has always been pretty big on yoga. My mum does meditation every single day and my dad has been going prarayam (a type of meditation that deals with breathing exercises) for the past couple of years. My grandparents have been doing yoga since they were children and I have heard countless stories from them about how very important yoga is.

But I didn’t quite realize how effective yoga could be until I tried it out myself.

I have been very impatient, so naturally I couldn’t stand the thought of just sitting in one place and doing absolutely nothing. The thought has been, and still is, pretty scary.

But I have started doing Soorya Namaskar which is an ancient yogic art of saluting the sun every morning through a series of significant poses.

Now I started doing yoga after getting extremely inspired by Elizabeth Gilbert and her book Eat Pray Love. And this was only a few months ago.

I started off with doing Soorya Namaskar for ten minutes twice a week and I have increased that to twenty minutes twice a week ( I am aware thatĀ this isn’t much).

But honestly, yoga has helped me tremendously. Not only is it an amazing way to stretch your body andĀ give it some flexibility, but it is also very calming.

I listen to music every time I do yoga and I make sure to always keep my eyes closed. It is largely believed that keeping your eyes closed while doing yoga helps you preserveĀ theĀ energy that your soul possessesĀ because eyes are like windows to the soul and if these windows are kept open during yoga, all the energy flows out of them. I learnt all this from my guru at Art of Living (which is a wonderful organization that teaches kids and teenagers the art of yoga.)

Doing yoga, I have slowly learnt to become more patient and more controlled, which has in turn helped me inĀ overcoming my OCD.

Yoga helps you create a beautiful balance between discipline and eccentricity in your life. And there are so many ways you can do yoga. You can do Soorya Namaskar or if you are looking for something more intense you can try out Hatha Yoga or if you are just looking to come to peace with yourself then I believe simple meditation is the best.

Also I feel that in the first few weeks when you are only starting yoga, you should have a guru who isĀ guiding you. Now the guru’s presence doesn’t necessarily have to be physical, you can always buy a CD and learn from that. But having a guidance at the beginning is certainly helpful.

6 thoughts on “How Yoga Has Helped Me

  1. Yoga is a world I’ve looked into but not explored further than the first room. While in my graduate job I started yoga, determined to become stronger and more flexible to counter the long days at a desk. The class was more hatha yoga and when my cousin (a yoga-instructor) came to try the class with me, she even said it was more ‘mindful movement’ than anything that would really improve my strength and flexibility. By then I didn’t care because, I was hooked to that class. The incredible teacher was the first expert I’d met who, in every lessen, said this: “Everything that I say is only a suggestion. Because only you know how this feels. So only you can decide how to move, and when to move deeper, and when to pull back.” That message over and over got me to realise that no matter what anyone says, only I know myself. And now I know I’m evolving so quickly than even I find knowing myself hard, but in a good way because I’m in control. I’m sure I’ll return to yoga again one day. Thank you for sharing your insights in this post.

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