What Is Feminism?

“Feminism isn’t a women’s issue, it’s a human right’s issue.”

These are the words that Emma Watson famously said and I couldn’t agree with her more. If one group in the society is oppressed, then there cannot be peace. There will be a revolt. Peace can only prevail on the earth if discrimination is eradicated from the society.

I became a feminist very recently, probably two or three months ago. Becoming a feminist was like having a sudden epiphany about the condition of our society. It made me see the world, every little aspect of the world, in a different way.

Many of my friends don’t believe in feminism. They think that it involves the encouragement of the growth of women, but oppresses men. Much to the contrary, feminism is just the sentiment or belief that women are created equal to men and should be treated in the same way. It is the hope that one day we won’t be bound by the limitations that were imposed on us because of our gender.

I’d like to believe that in today’s modern world there is no need for feminism. But then I think about Saudi Arabia, where women aren’t allowed to drive, regions in Pakistan where women cannot come out of their houses unless accompanied by a male family member, and I realize that we are still very much in need of feminism.

In the past century women have gained recognition and an almost equal status as men in many countries. But some of the recognized equalities are just constitutional or superficial and aren’t actually followed.

Even in a developed country like USA, the salary of a man is higher than that of a woman, even though the qualifications for the job are same. I don’t see any significant difference in men and women that would lead to this pay gap in their salaries. A nation cannot thrive if half of its population is held back.

Have you ever noticed how boys can be excused for almost anything they do, after all ‘boys will be boys’, but there’s a long list of thing a ‘young lady’ can’t do? When I was younger, I didn’t think much about it, but now as I’m growing older I’m beginning to realize just how unfairly women are treated.

I don’t see why people wouldn’t want to be feminists. I don’t see what good a nation gains in not providing equal opportunities to half of its population. If every single person on the earth was to wake up tomorrow and decide to become feminists, then imagine how many global conflicts would end.

Feminism is a stand against gender based discrimination, and I am taking that stand. And maybe sometime in the future, hopefully sometime soon, more people will become feminists and a time will come when feminism wouldn’t be required any more.

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