The Art of Keeping a Journal



Personal journals are the chronicle of events in a person’s life. I started documenting my life in journals only a few months ago, but I know that it has helped me massively in various aspects of my life. Writing down particular events that stand out from my day provides an insight on my actions. When I write down about a debacle or dilemma in my life, I can see my situation from a different perspective. It not only aids me in making better decisions, but also in remaining positive and seeing every situation through brighter light. Maybe that is why journaling is also known as “cheap therapy.”

I am an ardent organizer, so I have different journals for different aspects of my life. In one of my journals, I only write about one incident that made me feel better about myself. If someone complimented me, if I was rewarded for doing a particularly hard task or simply if I had enough time to read a good book and drink some tea; I’ll write about it in my journal. All these little things make me so happy, especially when I re-read them. It helps me maintain my self-confidence and helps me feel perpetually motivated to do something every day that my future self would be proud of.


I have another journal in which I write about my whole day, the not-so-good parts included as well. This journal was exceptionally hard to keep. My daily life revolves around a routine and is normally very mundane. It is hard to feel driven to write about the same thing every day. But my determination in keeping this journal going made me leave my sedentary lifestyle. Instead, I started looking out for new experiences to write about in my journal. I started altering my routine every day, even if the change was as simple as taking a longer walk home. It gave me something more to write about. Now, I have one complete journal that comprises about six months of my life. Looking at this filled journal conjures up a feeling of excitement. Those six months of my life aren’t just memories, they are stories written by me in my journal.

Keeping journals also improves your writing skills. Since you are writing every day, your vocabulary and the quality of your writing is also constantly improving. Writing in journals and putting down your thoughts in black and white can help you avoid writers block.


But journaling isn’t all about writing. For those of you who are not too fond of writing, can always keep an art journal. Art journals are an easy way of storing your ideas and practicing your art. Many famous artists are known to have kept art journals with them, including the renowned Pablo Picasso. Art journals can be very inspiring when you aren’t feeling driven to continue a project that you had started. Even casting cursory glances at the colorful pages of your art journal can help rejuvenate your mind and help you in staying motivated and coming up with new ideas.

There are innumerable amounts of journals that one can keep. Jotting down your goals and writing every day on how you are striving to achieve them can help you stay focused. Also, if there is a bump in your road, looking at the goals that you have jotted down and all the work that you have done to get to where you are, makes you try harder to overcome the obstacle that has been put in front of you.

Journaling has made me turn over a new leaf. It is such a simple, seemingly inconsequential process, but has a potential of creating a heavy impact on your life.

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