Turning Over A New Leaf

I am an easily motivated person, that’s a good and a bad thing. Being easily motivated to do the right thing is a nice trait to possess, but I am easily motivated to do anything, which isn’t as nice as the former.

Now, I do have a strong will and I do get things done if I set my mind to them, but I do get easily influenced. So when I watched Letters to Juliet just a few weeks after reading Eat Pray Love,¬† I became absolutely obsessed with Italy. My sudden infatuation with Italy did both good and bad¬†to me. (I have realized in my fifteen years of living in this world that there is no action that doesn’t result in BOTH good and bad.)

The good – I am learning Italian! I have only started learning this beautiful language a few weeks ago so I nothing more than a few basic words and sentences that will help me survive if I ever was to get stranded amidst a crowd full of only Italian speakers.

The bad РMy obsession with Italy has lead me astray from the goals that need immediate attention. Like acing my mid-terms (or half-yearlies as we call it here, in Dubai) and preparing for the SAT and also some editorial work in my school magazine.

This wouldn’t have been a problem for most people, but I have a minor case of OCD.¬†And before you start questioning, no I do not feel the need to wash my hands fifty times a day. Instead, I feel the¬†need to finish one thing, then start another.¬† This need isn’t something you can term as “organized work,” it’s more about the lack of patience to deal with anything else (no matter how urgent or important¬†it may be) and just focus on one single thing.

I am getting better though.

Probably a year back, I wouldn’t have been able to do a single math sum until I had learnt a hundred new words in Italy. But today, I can manage my priorities a lot better. Although, I still do¬†struggle.

OCD is a stickler, it’s always going to stick¬†with you once it has found you.¬†But¬†it does fade to it’s lightest hue if you try to better yourself. And that is exactly what I am doing.

Learning a new language alongside doing the things that I need to do is a challenge that I have taken up to make my OCD fade away. I have set goals for myself, to learn a few chapters in science, do some math sums, learn a few SAT math equations; before I open up my Duolingo app and start learning Italian. It makes me feel happier, to know that I have covered up the things that need my attention. This even helps me learn better. I am no longer in a dissaray, trying to get everything done as quickly as possible, leaving no time for me to just sit and watch a few episodes of some of the programs that I love.

Keeping a reasonable goal for myself everyday has helped me a lot, and I am sure it can help everyone else who felt, even remotely, like I did. Keeping goals is the most primitive ways of dealing with OCD, and also one the best.

I had been tipping over lately, but I realized that it was time to create a balance in my life. It was time to turn over a new leaf. And, oh, the other side of the leaf is the most beautiful green I have ever seen.


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